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Hove College Brighton


In the heart of leafy Hove and yet also within walking distance of the dynamic, creative centre of Brighton. Just one hour from London, Hove College is the perfect setting for enjoyable learning.

The Perfect learning location

Set in the peaceful heart of Hove, a short walk from its many shops, cafes and restaurants, Hove College offers a safe study environment in residential surroundings within easy reach of the beach. Yet it is also within walking distance of Brighton's city centre, famous as one of the UK's cultural hubs and a truly cosmopolitan environment. Brighton is justly famous as a centre for creative industries and is home to a huge variety of Internet and arts based companies and consultancies.

Artistic Buzz

It has the artistic buzz of London but with the addition of the natural bohemian style that makes Brighton so unique. As such, the vibrant young city of Brighton & Hove makes the perfect setting in which to train for an exciting career in the fast expanding world of New Media.

If a visit is not possible, use the information on this site or download a prospectus to help select the course that most suits your needs and then apply using the application form download.

Brighton: a creative hub

The seaside city of Brighton & Hove is famous as one of the UK's creative centres, home to a huge array of artists, designers and creatives. Hove College is situated in the leafy heart of Hove, one of the most attractive parts of the city.

Shanghai Semester

Hove College is twinned with the Shanghai Culture & Creativity College. Students have the option of completing one semester of their programme in the exciting city of Shanghai!