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Integrated English

Sometimes students need a period of full-time English language training before starting their main course of study.

English Language Courses

With an English language school on-site Hove College is well placed to assist with students wishing to improve their English language skills.

International students may take a preparatory English course that provides intensive tuition in all the linguistic and written skills they will need to benefit fully from their main courses of study. Experience has shown that international students who spend a little time polishing their English proficiency in this way frequently outperform those who do not.

Morning Courses

Choose from 15 or 20 lessons per week. Ideal for students wishing to have more spare time in the afternoon to join in the social activities programme and to discover city life.

Afternoon Courses

15- or 20-lesson per week courses designed for students who are looking for a high-quality full-time afternoon course.

Intensive Courses

Choose 25 or 30 lessons per week if you aim to improve your confidence in the English language as quickly as possible.