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Internet Marketing


Training in the new techniques for effective marketing with the world wide web.

Course overview

This well-balanced and forward-looking course is based on modern thinking and the lessons of practical application in what is a fast evolving business environment.

The world of Internet Marketing is expanding rapidly, with online business predicted to grow massively over the next few years. New e-Marketing concepts and tools emerge almost daily as ever improving technology places greater scope into the hands of the marketeer.

Course delegates will learn the unique principles which differentiate the Internet business world and how to apply new techniques to generate valuable trade through this medium of the future.

With practical, industry-recognised qualifications to back the knowledge acquired on the course, successful candidates will offer a unique mix of abilities to potential employers. Alternatively, students may move easily into a range of further education studies.

What the students' say…

Studying at Hove College was one of the best experiences of my life. Learning with great tutors in an excellent classroom environment was amazing, and meant I learnt so much useful information about marketing strategies and the internet. I also had the great fortune to make some excellent contacts, and my classmates will remain my friends forever.

Turgut Yoludogru - Turkey

Course duration

18 study weeks

Entry requirements

A good secondary education to GCSE or O Level standard, English Level B1.

Start dates

  • 18th February 2019
  • 23rd September 2019

Syllabus overview

  • Internet Marketing
  • World Market Economies
  • e-Commerce
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Dynamics of Change
  • Benefits of e-Business
  • e-Commerce Business Models
  • e-Commerce Security Systems
  • Effective Website Promotion
  • Social Media
  • Tutorial Programme
  • Free Careers Course
  • and more


Hove College Internet Marketing Certificate
and OCN Level 4 Certificates