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Global E-Business


Business studies in the era of the world wide web.

Course overview

The world of business is being transformed by the Web. Whether you are directly involved in internet-based operations or not, all business is impacted by this new medium.

Commerce via the Internet is the world's fastest growing industry and the fast, global nature of web trading forces companies to change the way they operate, not only in their marketing but across the whole spectrum of their activity. Financial, legal and human resources issues, for example, all require a fresh focus, as do the major strategic elements such as macro-forecasting.

This carefully structured course give students a thorough grounding in essential business subjects whilst maintaining a wider consideration of how proven principles can merge smoothly into the modern electronic age. Course modules include Business Law, Principles of Management, Business Statistics, Economics and Business Accountancy.

Delivered by experienced tutors, the course is practical and interactive. Modules are taught en bloc in four or two week sections which allows the students to concentrate on achieving proficiency with each subject within a comfortable and well organised timetable.

On completing the course, students can be confident that their skills prepare them well for onward study or give them that extra dimension to attract prospective employers in this web-driven commercial age.

What the students' say…

I was a computer programmer in South Korea and came to the UK to change my career, I found this course and have been very satisfied. Wonderful tutors and excellent facilities; for this reason I would recommend this course. It is good because it includes not only the theories of eBusiness but also the practical aspects. It will help me where ever I go!

Jaewan Kim - Korea

Course duration

18 study weeks

Entry requirements

A good secondary education to GCSE or O Level standard, English Level B1.

Start dates

  • 18th February 2019
  • 23rd September 2019

Syllabus overview

  • Dynamics of Change
  • Business and Company Law
  • Managing People
  • Business Accounting
  • Data Collection and Reporting
  • International and Legal Issues
  • Global Communications
  • Economics
  • Tutorial Programme
  • Free Careers Course
  • and more


Hove College Global e-Business Certificate
and OCN Level 4 Certificates