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Name: Robert Southgate

Graduated: Web Design Certificate

Testimonial: “It was a fantastic course, with even better people. I could not have expected any more.”

Currently: Since I left the college I went on to work for an integrated agency in London called Kindred. There I was a Junior Front end developer for two years. My current job is as a UI Developer at the Daily Telegraph. Here we create interactive content for external clients and also create interesting projects for the main Telegraph website.



Name: Ed North

Graduated: Web Design Diploma

Testimonial: “Whilst at College I didn't have any ideas of what I wanted to do after I finished my A-Levels however when I discovered Hove College and looked at the courses they offered I knew it would be a great next step. During my Website Design Diploma course, I had the pleasure of being taught by some excellent tutors and the support from them was great. Pam went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure I achieved the best results possible and supported me even after graduating by notifying me of job positions available that might be of interest to me. I am truly grateful to everyone who helped me at Hove College as it has allowed me to kick start my career.”

Currently: I now work for a software marketing company in Brighton as a professional services executive and was one of the jobs Pam notified me of after I had left the college.

Pure 360


Name: Lucinda Rae

Graduated: Creative Communications Diploma (Fast-Track)

Testimonial: “The college is a fantastic environment to grow and learn from. My time there was short and intense but thoroughly aided by superb tutors. I feel I have grown so much in confidence and am fully equipped to tackle the job market. Thank you so much for everything. I will always look on my time there with fondness.”

Currently: I have started a work placement at Bartle Bogle Hegarty advertising agency in London. I have also been offered a place at Central Saint Martins to study Graphics and Fashion Design.

central st martinsBBh


Name: Annie Godfrey

Graduated: Web Design Certificate

Testimonial: “The decision to study at Hove College wasn’t one I made lightly; I was in a full time job but had a strong desire to move into web design. It was a big risk, but one that definitely paid off! I have loved every minute of the course and can’t wait to put my newly learnt skills to use. The tutors are fantastic and although I was apprehensive about returning to study, the tutors and learning environment made the transition very easy. Thank you!”

Currently: Since finishing the course, I have freelanced and built a couple of websites for various clients. I am currently in the process of redesigning a local bridal hair and makeup company’s site in return for them doing all the hair and makeup at my wedding next year! I am also working full-time at Pure360, an email marketing provider, in their Creative team. I am designing and coding emails for a range of different brands. I joined in July as a Junior Creative Developer and received a promotion at the start of this month to a Creative Developer.



Name: Ilja Andrevs

Graduated: Motion Graphics & Film Advanced Diploma

Testimonial: “Coming to Hove College was one of the most important decisions of my life. I am grateful I made it, for the college has helped me realise myself. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of the tutors for their guidance. Thank you for your knowledge and experience, I will use it wisely. I have enjoyed my time at Hove College and cannot say how sad I am to leave. I will always remember it fondly.”

Currently: I am studying the Digital Arts top-up degree at the University of Cumbria.

Update: I wanted to let you know that I have successfully completed my degree course at University of Cumbria. I have achieved a 2:1 degree in Digital Arts and Animation (Hons). All I learnt at Hove College was a tremendous help to me at the University, especially for my final project and dissertation. Without that knowledge I would not have been able to achieve this.

Cumbria University


Name: Umar Shahid

Graduated: Creative Communications Advanced Diploma Graduate

Testimonial: “I am very pleased with my college and I am proud to be a part of it. I would like to thank all the staff for a very helpful and caring service. I did not feel like a student but a family member at Hove College.”

Currently: “Thanks to Hove College I was able to progress to the University of Brighton and complete a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Business with a 2.1 Upper Division. After graduating from the University of Brighton, within two months, I was able to secure a job in Moscow with a senior position 'Business Development Manager' at Bike Land, one of the biggest motorbike distributing company in Russia. Hove College trained and taught me well. The experience from Hove College which allowed me to go to the University, has allowed me to secure such a position.”

Brighton University


Name: Emelie Voltaire

Graduated: Creative Communications Advanced Diploma & Web Design Certificate

Testimonial: “Loved my time at Hove College, I learned a lot and met the most amazing people. It is a very open minded place to learn and to grow. It was because of the Creative Communication Advanced Diploma that I found my passion for graphic design. The teachers are absolutely fantastic and they have really great knowledge within their fields.”

Currently: A Layout & Graphic Designer / Social and web manager at the nordic office of Weleda.

Brighton Uni


Name: Moa-Lisa Magnusson

Graduated:Creative Communications Diploma

Testimonial: “Hove College is a wonderful college with a very relaxing and friendly environment. The lecturers were very professional, caring and helpful. The course content and the excellent teaching at Hove College really gave a hands on learning experience. I am very pleased to have taken part of this college as it has boosted my educational and professional career prospects. Hove College was a very valuable experience for me.”

Currently: Whilst the qualification from Hove College helped me secure a great position at American Express as a Credit Specialist, I am now currently working for the Swedish Enforcement authority, (Kronofogden). This would not have been possible without Hove College and what I learnt from there.

Brighton Uni


Name: Selene Bachelot

Graduated: Creative Communications Advanced Diploma & Web Design Certificate

Testimonial: “Five stars for Hove College. I believe that what makes this place different is the exceptional environment: the team is very supportive, the facility is cosy with nice cafe and beautiful garden in the back, and the computers are amazing. This positive atmosphere and the Hove College team helped me achieve so much! I think that if you are serious about learning, and are looking for a place where people listen to you and care, Hove College is the place for you. As the classes are small, the tutors can provide customised help. I felt privileged to almost have the tutor to myself. Thank you for everything.”

Currently: I am finishing my Business BSc (Hons) top-up degree at Brighton University.

Brighton Uni


Name: Francesca Roy

Graduated: Digital Design Diploma (Fast-Track)

Testimonial: “Coming to Hove College was a bit of a shot in the dark for me, a “risk” in a sense because it was to be my springboard into a new career doing something I am passionate about. It meant quitting my job, moving cities and investing in my future. I could not have been rewarded more thoroughly and wholeheartedly! I have never been so sure of any decision I made. The course has been stimulating, fulfilling and I have been encouraged and supported the whole way. The teaching and administrative staff have been fantastic! I’m sad to leave but so excited to pursue, now, a career I love! Thank you!”

Currently: After leaving Hove College I was successful in securing a full-time permanent position from August 2015 as a print and digital designer at Wave Design based in Hastings. I’m working on a range of print and web projects for organisations including WaterAid, War On Want, Girlguiding UK, Keeping Children Safe, the Institute of Health Visitors and The Royal Geographical Society.



Name: Katrina Ajomale

Graduated: Digital Design Diploma

Testimonial: “I have really enjoyed this course. It has finally given me a subject that I will be happy to pursue as a career, and I feel I have learnt enough to get my foot in the door now. The staff have been wonderful and always happy to help. A year well spent!”

Currently: Currently I am working as a Graphic Designer/ Brand Assistant for The Bonniemob - a baby and kidswear brand in Hove and have been there nearly a year now. I was told about the job through the college so am very grateful for their help with that. It is a very varied role as it is a small company so I get to try my hand at lots of things, but all of the skills I learnt on the course (especially the Adobe software) are proving very useful as I use Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator almost every day. 



Name: Andy Benn

Graduated: Creative Communications Diploma Fast-Track

Testimonial: “Having made a huge decision to change my career at the age of 45, I embarked on a Creative Communication course at Hove College which turned out to be of the best decisions I ever made. I immensely enjoyed my intensive 6 month course and when it was time to leave I felt very ready to pin down that marketing role, endowed with a very relevant skill-set. Six years on, having held three differing marketing roles that have allowed me to continue my learning, I now possess an impressive CV. Good enough to gain my current role as a Web Development and Marketing Manager. The team at Hove College are an amazing bunch who exude passion and enthusiasm for their work and I am proud to have been one of many pupils who have been equipped, not just with new skills but with that little extra something that comes from being taught by such great people.”

Currently: After a year or so of freelancing and building my portfolio in various design and marketing roles, I went on to work for a company in Uckfield called Addagrip. I was the Marketing Executive there for a few years. My job involved amongst other things, building them a website, designing muti-page brochures, magazine adverts and setting up their social media. I joined Securiflex in Henfield in 2013 and I currently run the marketing for the company.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey thus far and couldn't have done any of this without the knowledge and support from my tutors at Hove College. I dared to believe that there was a way to change my banking career into something more creative and here I am, on a great salary, doing something a really get a buzz from. 



Name: Michael Acosta Klingberg

Graduated: Digital Design Diploma (Fast Track)

Testimonial: “It was a fantastic experience, the teachers at Hove College always gave us 100%. I could not have expected any more. I was very happy being part of this amazing place. I'm grateful for all the things I've learned and all the the moments I shared there.”

Currently: Since I left the college I have gone on to work for an agency in Henley-on-Thames, called Screaming Frog. I have started as Junior Digital Designer (also doing some Front-end Development.) At the agency we create interactive content and infographics for clients around UK and beyond. 

Screaming Frog


Name: Yiyin Tang

Graduated: Creative Communications Advanced Diploma

Testimonial: “All my experience at Hove College was wonderful, I miss the high-tech classrooms and the beautiful garden, but what I miss the most is the people there, they truly care about their students, not only the high quality education they provide, they also gave me guidance of what to do for the future and encouraged me for the decision I have made, even after I was graduated. Without Hove College, I can't picture where I am today. I am forever grateful for what Hove College have done for me and how much I have learned from them.”

Currently: After graduating from Hove College I was accepted by Anglia Ruskin University for 3rd year Bachelor degree in Marketing and after I got my BA degree at 2014 I had the chance to came to United States for a 9 month Marketing Training program at University of California Los Angeles Extension. I have worked at Los Angeles for Non Season Inc. as marketing specialist for almost a year after the training. Right now I am ready to take the next step to apply for Master in Business Administration at US, and work as intern for Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce and Chinese Overseas Marketing Service Corporation at the same time. Hove College is where the dream started, they prepared me with all the necessary academic knowledge and give me the guidance all the way here, thank you Hove College. 

Anglia RuskinSantan Monic Chamber of Commerce